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Wobblers / Disc screens

atmos Elliptic disc screens are the ideal solution for controlling the particle size of wet and sticky materials. Each screening axes consists of many discs that set in motion the material to allow its screening, and its advanced towards the exit at the desired rate.

Each disc is equipped with a scraper for cleaning it at each rotation and thereby prevent clogging.

atmos designs your screens on demand from many standards depending on the application and according to your needs.


We recommend the width and useful length of screening, but above all we adapt our equipment to your on-site constraints.



Screens can also be “2-stage cascading” as required.





  • No vibrations that can create movements on the structure of the installation
  • Fixed frame = the screen can be installed as close as possible to other equipment ensuring better sealing
  • Scrapers for maximum efficiency, even with very sticky material
  • The discs are made of processed steel. Thus their life span is practically unlimited. Maintenance is very reduced.

Technical specifications

  • Cut: from 30 to 150 mm
  • Flow: up to 2 000 T/h
  • Screening width: from 600 to 2,800 mm
  • Screening length: from 1,000 to 6,000 mm
  • Maximum block size: up to 1,800mm

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